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Opportunity Abounds

Pres Farmer photo

Albert Einstein famously stated, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” COVID-19 has provided us with the opportunity to re-examine everything we do. The businesses, colleges, and organizations that will excel in the new normal will be those who look through the difficulties and see opportunity. Future success will hinge on the adoption of a pandemic pragmatism that appropriately balances safety with required life functions. Despite the challenges that we currently face, I believe that opportunity abounds!           

The role of technology has certainly increased since last spring. How many of us have recently attended virtual meetings? We are connecting with people in new, more cost-effective ways. We have leveraged technology in a myriad of ways to accomplish our organizational objectives in an efficient manner. Resource management, both financial and human, is another example of how we have improved in the face of adversity. Faced with the challenge of very limited resources, we are mastering new ways of using existing capital to survive, and even thrive, in the new normal.           

How we handle adversity defines us both as individuals and organizations. Most of us have recently faced intense adversity and have been faced with financial setbacks. Some have lost their jobs or businesses. Others have lost their homes or cars. A few have even lost friends or loved ones to the coronavirus. We have collectively now reached a defining moment, both as individuals and as organizations. Will we allow adversity to define us, or will we rise to the occasion and look for new opportunities to become even better at what we do? 

As for me, I have caught my second wind and am eager to work collaboratively to propel both our college and our community forward. We at Weatherford College are rebound ready! We are going to retrain the recently unemployed and get them back in the workforce. Our students are going to be better prepared for success than ever before.

Weatherford College is guided by the Presidential Core Values of faith, hope, and love. I have faith that we emerge from this pandemic a stronger organization than ever before. We will be leaner and meaner, and better equipped to serve our students and our community than ever before. I have hope that our bright future will be even better than our distinguished past. That hope for the future is strengthened by the broad love that so many share for this noble institution. The boundless love that our donors have shown to our worthy students began as a small trickle, and now rages like a mighty river. Our collective love will transcend all that divides us, and will transform us to an even greater institution.

I believe that Texas will emerge from this crisis and become an even greater state. Our collective “can do” attitude has helped us overcome adversity many times in the past, and it will power our recovery now. Just as Texas has endured hardships and rebounded to become an even greater state, so too has Weatherford College been strengthened by adversity. An organizational culture built on the core values of faith, hope, and love will lift Weatherford College to new heights. We will retrain and retool our recently unemployed citizens with the skill sets necessary to be productive members of society once again. We will help strengthen existing businesses, attract new economic development, and make Parker County an even greater place to live and raise a family. Through leveraging technology, creating collaboratives, and becoming increasingly efficient and effective, we will shape a very bright future. Today we sculpt our future reality. If we look carefully and diligently, we will see that opportunity abounds.

Tod Allen Farmer
President, Weatherford College