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Fourth Annual WCWC STEMania a Success!


More than 900 elementary students attended the fourth annual STEMania event at Weatherford College Wise County on Oct. 27.

STEMania at WCWC is an opportunity for fourth grade private, public and homeschool students from Wise and Jack counties to visit a college setting and experience hands-on activities in a small-group setting.

More than 60 engaging activities comprised the event including trebuchet and cannon demonstrations, medical simulations, dissections, robotics manipulations, radio-controlled rover driving, DNA explorations, butter making, and welding and exercise computer-aided simulations.

“Our hope is to encourage the next generation to pursue a college education in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) majors,” said Terry Paddack, biology instructor and STEMania events coordinator. “Even though it is geared toward the fourth graders, our college students are getting something out of it too. As an educator, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your students step into a leadership role by hosting a STEMania activity over something they just learned in class.”

The 2016 event was made possible thanks to a grant from ConocoPhillips Corporation.

“The ConocoPhillips grant will allow us to continue to host this event with very little impact on the college’s annual budget,” said Dr. Matt Joiner, WCWC Dean.

Additional local event sponsors include Chicken Express, Dairy Max, Lowe’s Marketplace, DATCU Credit Union, First Financial Bank, First State Bank, James Wood Motors and Legend Bank.

“The Wise County community has embraced this annual event wholeheartedly, and we truly appreciate their support,” Joiner said.