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The Best of Humanity

Dr. Tod Farmer photo

The COVID-19 pandemic has regretfully brought a wave of both tragic deaths and economic calamity, but it has also provided us with glimpses of the very best of humanity. All across America, heroes have risen to help those in need. Nurses, doctors, and medical personnel of all varieties have risked their lives and worked tirelessly to save those dependent on their care. Some of these medical heroes have fallen ill themselves, and regretfully, some have made the ultimate sacrifice. First responders of all stripes have responded to emergency calls and knowingly placed themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of others. Even ordinary citizens have turned to sewing face masks, volunteering at food banks, or helping those incapable of helping themselves. These heroes have shown us again and again the very essence of humanity.

I have never been so proud to be a Texan! Our fellow Texans have truly risen to the challenge during these difficult times. All across our great state, Texans are helping one another through this lingering challenge. It is not only neighbor helping neighbor, but strangers are helping people they will never meet. Hungry children are being fed, the elderly are being provided with needed assistance, and single mothers are being given a helping hand. Businesses are banding together to support one another, and communities are rallying together to overcome adversity. It is truly a great time to be a Texan.

Nowhere is this spirit of determination more prevalent than in the Weatherford College service area. Through incomparable collaboration and cooperation, our citizens have successfully “flattened the curve.” As we approach the COVID-19 peak locally, we need to both prepare to safely kickstart our economy and simultaneously take safety measures in preparation for a potential second wave. With unparalleled amounts of grant funds ready to be dispersed, Weatherford College stands eagerly ready to train and re-tool the recently unemployed, helping these valued residents get back on their feet.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have weakened us, but it will not defeat us!  We will overcome. Weatherford College will continue to protect and preserve the precious flame of knowledge. We will continue to share that knowledge with future generations of citizens. We will support our businesses and help drive the strongest economic recovery our region has ever seen. Together with our business partners, economic development colleagues, and governmental agencies, we will collaboratively lift the standard of living of our home counties to new heights.

This unprecedented crisis may have brought tragedy, but our heroes have lived and modelled the core values of faith, hope, and love. They have provided glimpses of the very best of humanity.

Tod Allen Farmer
President, Weatherford College