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Guided Pathways Leadership Team

Weatherford College Guided Pathways Leadership Team

  • Dr. Tod Allen Farmer, Weatherford College President
  • Dr. Andra Cantrell, Executive Vice President of Financial & Administrative Affairs
  • Mike Endy, Vice President of Instruction & Student Services
  • Adam Finley, Executive Dean of Student Services
  • Latonya Hines, Assistant Director of Admissions & International Advisor
  • Dr. Alexander Ibe, Dean of Academics
  • Dr. Sarah Lock, Assoc. Dean of Dual Credit & eLearning
  • Kay Landrum, Executive Director Student Outreach and Student Success
  • Janetta Kruse, Dean of Workforce Education
  • Rhonda Torres, Dean of Education & Instructional Support
  • Katherine Boswell, Dean of Health & Human Services
  • John Turntine, Director of Student Engagement and Career & Transfer
  • Donnie Purvis, Director of Financial Aid
  • Gwen Crabtree, Testing Director
  • Steve Malley, Director, Public Safety
  • Dawn Kahlden, Director, Office of Disabilities
  • Tonya Piehl, Respiratory Care Program Director & Faculty Senate President
  • Shannon Stoker, Learning Foundations Department Chair
  • Shirley Brown, Math Department Chair
  • Traci McKinley, Speech Instructor & Assessment Coordinator
  • Dr. Jared Abraham, English Faculty
  • Dr. Trey Jansen, English Professor
  • Becki Byrd, Student Services Coordinator, Wise County