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WC Foundation Board of Directors

The Weatherford College Foundation, founded in 1978, is made up of 23 Board members. The purpose of the Foundation is to support academic, community service, educational scholarship, capital improvement and other College-related projects and activities. As the fundraising entity
of the College, the Foundation exists to generate and receive gifts and donations in support of college programs.
After a successful Capital Campaign in 2013, the WC Foundation holds in its coffers more than
$8 million.

Current Board of Directors

  • Bob Glenn – President
  • Nancy Stuart – Vice President
  • Jacy Guynes – Secretary
  • Brent Gough – Treasurer
  • Lin Bearden
  • Donna Boone
  • Dr. Richard Bowers
  • Don Chrestman
  • Warren Creason
  • Vickie Durant
  • Roy Eaton
  • Dr. Tod Allen Farmer
  • Dan Feely
  • Lisa Flowers
  • Charlie Gilchrist
  • Dr. Rickey Harman
  • Justin Hooper
  • Rev. Curtis Jefferson
  • Rep. Phil King
  • Ed Kramer
  • Dr. Sumant Kumar
  • Lonna Leach
  • Lela Morris
  • Tom Pritchard
  • Mark Riebe
  • Mike Scott

Members Emeritus

  • Dorothy Doss
  • Dr. Richard McIntosh


  • Brent Baker – Executive Director
  • Evelyn Payne – Executive Assistant