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Office of Student Services

Name Position Phone Number
Kay Landrum Executive Dean
Melissa Whiteman Administrative Assistant

• Registrar's Office

• Admissions

• Financial Aid Office

• Student Outreach and Student Success

• TRIO / Student Support Services

• Talent Search

• Upward Bound

• Student Development / Student Life / Housing

• Student Counseling

• Student Engagement / Advising / Recruitments / TSI

• Career and Transfer Center

• Special Populations

Registrar's Office
Name Position Phone Number         
Linda Hutton, B.A.A.S. Project Management Coordinator 817-598-8877
  Document Processing Specialist  
Mika Foreman, B.S. State Reporting Coordinator 817-598-6354
  Student Records Verification Assistant  

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Latonya Hines, M.B.A. Asst. Director of Admissions & International Student Advisor 817-598-6468
Tammy Peters Secretary 817-598-6243

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Financial Aid Office
Name Position Phone Number        
Donnie Purvis, M.S Director 817-598-6295
Terri Thompson, M.S Assistant Director of Financial Aid 817-598-6295
Rayanne Hukill, B.A.A.S Financial Aid Coordinator 817-598-6295
Bailey Brock Financial Aid Advisor 817-598-6295
Ginger Shelnutt Financial Aid Advisor 817-598-6295
Amy Malugani Clerk 817-598-6295

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Student Outreach and Student Success
Name Position Phone Number

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TRIO / Student Support Services
Name Position Phone Number
Kim Hutton, M.Ed. Director 817-598-6484
  Academic Advisor  

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Talent Search
Name Position Phone Number
Dr. Deborah Jogie-Cregger, M.F.S. Program Director 817-598-8909
Samantha Calixtro, M.S.M.L. Educational Specialist 817-598-8823
Alonzo Carlton, B.A. Education Specialist 817-808-6423
Stacy Rhodes Secretary 817-598-6497

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Upward Bound
Name Position Phone Number
Jeff Kahlden, M.S Director 817-598-6485
  Academic Counselor 817-598-6441
Christine Endy, M.F.A. Academic Counselor 817-598-6480

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Student Development / Student Life / Housing
Name Position Phone Number
Doug Jefferson, M.Ed. Associate Dean of Student Development 817-598-6247
Ryan Dickerson, M.S. Student Life Coordinator 817-598-8956
Faith Stiffler, M.Ed. Director of Housing 817-598-8874
Debra Riley Clerk 817-598-8997

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Coyote Clinic
Name Position Phone Number
Ellie Broughton, RN, BSN, MPH Coyote Clinic Nurse
Covid Contact
Student Counseling
Name  Position Phone Number
Doug Jefferson, M. Ed Associate Dean, Student Development 817-598-6247

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Student Engagement / Advising / Recruitments / TSI
Name                 Position Phone Number
John Turntine Director of Student Engagement & Outreach Advisor 817-598-6482
Anna Nichols, B.S. Student Records Coordinator 817-598-6463
Maria Araiza, B.B.A. Recruitment Coordinator 817-598-6395

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Special Populations
Name Position Phone Number
Dawn Kahlden Director 817-598-6350

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