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Office of Student Services

Name Position Phone Number
Adam Finley, M.Ed. Executive Dean 817-598-6427
Patty Boyette Administrative Assistant 817-598-6444

• Registrar's Office

• Admissions

• Financial Aid Office

• Student Outreach and Student Success

• TRIO / Student Support Services

• Talent Search

• Upward Bound

• Student Development / Student Life / Housing

• Student Counseling

• Student Engagement / Advising / Recruitments / TSI

• Career and Transfer Center

• Special Populations

Registrar's Office
Name Position Phone Number         
Vicki Traweek, M.S. Registrar 817-598-6218
Melissa Whiteman Secretary - Enrollment Management 817-598-6282
Amber Cumbie State Reporting & Records Specialist 817-598-6354
Danis Masters, B.B.A. Student Records Verification Assistant 817-598-6288


Name                 Position Phone Number
Ralph Willingham, M.Ed. Director 817-598-6248
Latonya Hines, M.B.A. Asst. Director of Admissions 
& Intern'l Student Advisor
Tammy Peters Secretary 817-598-6243
Staci Tyler, M.Ed. Admissions Specialist 817-598-6427

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Financial Aid Office
Name Position Phone Number        
Donnie Purvis, M.S Director 817-598-6295
Terri Thompson, M.S Assistant Director of Financial Aid 817-598-6295
Rayanne Hukill, B.A.A.S Financial Aid Coordinator 817-598-6295
Christine Endy, M.F.A. Financial Aid Advisor 817-598-6295
Jennifer Lopez, B.B.A. Financial Aid Advisor 817-598-6295
Lynda Shipman, B.A. Financial Aid Advisor 817-598-6295
Linda Wynn, A.A. Clerk 817-598-6295
Debra Riley Clerk 817-598-6296
Peggy Rodgers, B.S. High School Representative 817-598-6295
Nancy Curl, M.Ed. High School Representative  


Student Outreach and Student Success
Name Position Phone Number
Kay Landrum, M.A. Executive Director 817-598-6499

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TRIO / Student Support Services
Name Position Phone Number
Kim Hutton, M.Ed. Director 817-598-6484
Chad Wylie, M.Ed. Advisor/Counselor 817-598-6484
Denise Walker, B.B.A. Secretary 817-598-6497


Talent Search
Name Position Phone Number
Deborah Jogie Cregger, M.F.S. Program Director 817-598-8909
Susan Stone, B.A.A.S. Education Specialist 817-598-6422
Stacy Rhodes Secretary 817-598-6497

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Upward Bound
Name Position Phone Number
Jeff Kahlden, M.S Director 817-598-6485
Liz Clark, B.A. Secretary 817-598-6441


Student Development / Student Life / Housing
Name Position Phone Number
Doug Jefferson, M.Ed. Associate Dean of
Student Development
Mika Foreman Secretary 817-598-6308
Faith Stiffler, M.Ed. Director of Housing 817-598-8874
Adria Weaver Accounts Receivable -
Coyote Village

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Student Counseling
Name  Position Phone Number
Phillis Tiffin, M.S. Student Services Counselor 817-598-6246


Student Engagement / Advising / Recruitments / TSI
Name Position Phone Number
Anna Nichols, B.S. Advising Specialist 817-598-6463
Maria Araiza, B.B.A. Student Affairs
Mika Foreman, A.A., A.S. Secretary 817-598-6308
Lare Houston, B.S. Secretary 817-598-6444

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Career & Transfer Center
Name Position Phone Number
John Turntine Director of Student Life
and Career Services
Linda Hutton Secretary 817-598-8877


Special Populations
Name Position Phone Number
Dawn Kahlden Director 817-598-6350
Sarah Massengale Secretary 817-598-6396

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