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Office of the President

Name Position Phone Number       
Dr. Tod Allen Farmer, Ed.D. President 817-598-6271
Theresa Hutchison, A.A. Executive Assistant to the President 817-598-6271
Institutional Effectiveness
Name Position Phone Number       
Arleen Atkins, Ed.D. Dean 817-598-8822
C. Lee Butler, M.A. Director, Institutional Research & Assessment 817-598-6345
Dan Curlee General Counsel  
Brenda Key, A.A. Administrative Assistant  817-598-8814
Human Resources
Name Position Phone Number
Ralinda Stone, B.B.A., M.S. Director 817-598-6276
Paul Williams Coordinator, HR Services 817-598-6474
Lisa Martin Human Resources Assistant  817-598-6359

Campus Police
Name Position Phone Number
Paul Stone Chief of Police 817-771-3530
Nancy Mulanax Police Records Specialist 817-598-6316
Bill Cooper Police Sergeant 817-598-8808
DeeDee Perkins Police Sergeant 817-598-8851
Thomas Murphey Security Sergeant 817-598-8867
Rachel Gilliam Dorm / Patrol Officer 817-598-8805
Doyle Karg Patrol Officer 817-598-8807
John Waight Patrol Officer 817-598-8807
Vern Higbee WCWC Police Sergeant 817-598-8810
  24-Hour Duty Phone 817-771-3535

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