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Office of Instruction

Name Position Phone Number
Richard Bowers, Ed.D. Vice President 817-598-6213
Debbie Alexander, A.A. Executive Assistant 817-598-6214

• Academics

• Health and Human Science

• Education and Instructional Support

• Switchboard

• Workforce and Economic Development

• Q.E.P.

• Department Chairs

• Department Chair Assistants

• Education Department

• Instructional Support

• Library/Learning Resources Center

• Testing

• Distance Education and Dual Credit

• Athletics

• Weatherford College Wise County

• Education Center at Mineral Wells

• Education Center at Granbury

• Workforce and Continuing Education

• Public Safety Professions

• Truck Driving

• Business Computer Information Systems/Cosmetology

Name Position Phone Number
Michael Endy, M.A. Executive Dean  817-598-6211
Susie Brooks, B.A.A.S. Administrative Assistant 817-598-8806
Loretta Huddleston Facilities Specialist 817-598-8879
Angie Atkins Dual Credit Specialist 817-598-8818

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Health and Human Science
Name Position Phone Number
Katherine Boswell, M.S., R.N. Dean 817-598-6216
Tammi White Administrative Assistant 817-598-6217
Karen Long Departmental Secretary 817-598-6259
Cheryl Livengood Associate Degree Nursing Program Director 817-598-6309
Michael McGough Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Director 817-598-8801
Nina Maniotis Phlebotomy Program Director 817-598-6466
Cindy Lavine, Master's degree in Public Health Physical Therapist Assistant Program Director 817-598-8873
Barbara Morrison Radiology Technology Program Director 817-598-6432
Tonya Edwards Respiratory Care Program Director 817-598-6452
Jacqueline Bennett Sonography Program Director 817-598-8846
Albert 'Eddie' White Instructor / Program Director Substance Abuse  817-598-6332
  Vocational Nursing Program Director 817-598-6297

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Education and Instructional Support
Name Position Phone Number
Rhonda Torres, M.Ed. Dean 817-598-6212
Beverly Gibbs, M.Ed. Coordinator, Instructional Support 817-598-6470
Name Position Phone Number
Diane Slocum Receptionist 817-598-6200

Workforce and Economic Development

Name Position Phone Number
Kay Young, M.Ed Dean 817-598-6303
Ruby Lionberger, A.A.S. Adminstrative Assistant 817-598-8844

Q.E.P. & Center for Research and Writing
Name Position Phone Number
Sarah Lock, Ph.D. Director 817-598-6481

Department Chairs
Name Position Phone Number
Jared Abraham Language, Philosophy, and Culture 817-598-6325
Shirley Brown Mathematics 817-598-6330
Dr. Lisa Welch Life Sciences 817-598-8989
Lorraine Marie Gouge Physical Sciences 817-598-6277
Cal Lewiston Fine Arts 817-598-6233
Trey McKinley Kinesiology 817-598-6255
Marilyn St. Clair Business Computer Information Systems 817-598-6344
Dr. Scott Tarnowieckyi Social Sciences 817-598-6327

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Department Chair Assistants
Name Position Phone Number
L. Michelle Owens Behavioral Sciences, Life Sciences & Physical Sciences Secretary 817-598-6291
Keri Waller, A.A. Kinesiology Secretary 817-598-6355
Becky Lawson, A.S. Science Lab Technician 817-598-8833
Dana Orban Math & Social Sciences Secretary 817-598-6458
Janice Odom,
Fine Arts, Secretary 817-598-6436
Susie Brooks,
Administrative Assistant 817-598-8806
Joe Nicikowski, B.S. Technical Director, Fine Arts Center 817-598-6403
Anita Garcia, A.A. Public Safety Secretary 817-598-6347

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Education Department
Name Position Phone Number
Joyce Melton Pagés, Ed.D. Director 817-598-6245
Lillian Hinson, M.A. Director, Tarleton Teaching Program 817-598-6443
Kim Kelley Secretary 817-598-6446


Instructional Support
Name Position Phone Number
Beverly Gibbs, M.Ed. Coordinator, Instructional Support 817-598-6470
Shannon McNabb, M.Ed. Reading/Writing Faculty 817-598-6372
Donna Cox, B.S. Lab Specialist 817-598-6278
Rugene Gentry, B.S. Lab Specialist 817-598-6278
Kathy Williams, B.S. Lab Specialist 817-598-6278

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Library/Learning Resources Center
Name Position Phone Number
Valorie Starr, M.L.S. Library Director 817-598-6251
Jeff Dunn, M.L.S. Reference Librarian 817-598-6425
Elizabeth Speer, M.L.S. Acquisitions Librarian 817-598-6456
Lou Ann Baker, A.A.S. Library Clerk 817-598-6379
Kathy Renken, M.Ed. Library Clerk 817-598-6382

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Name Position Phone Number
Lela Morris, M.Ed. Director 817-598-6488
Gwen Crabtree, B.B.A. Testing Specialist 817-598-6383
Carla Bowen, A.A.S. Testing Specialist 817-598-6439


Distance Education and Dual Credit
Name Position Phone Number
Angie Atkins  Dual Credit Specialist 817-598-8818


Name Position Phone Number
Bob McKinley, M.Ed. Head Basketball Coach /
Athletic Director
Mark Osina Head Men’s Basketball Coach 817-598-6351
Jeff Lightfoot, M.S. Head Baseball Coach /
Athletic Director
Chad Massengale Asst. Baseball Coach 817-598-0398
Chris McLendon Asst. Baseball Coach  
Carlos Rameriz Asst. Baseball Coach  
Johnny Emmons Head Rodeo Coach 817-598-6435
Haylee Williams Head Softball Coach 817-598-6208
Chris Flanagan Asst. Softball Coach 817-598-8845

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Weatherford College Wise County
Name Position Phone Number
Wise County Campus   940-627-2690
Matt Joiner,
Associate Dean 940-626-3233
Becki Byrd, B.B.A. Coordinator, Student Services 940-626-3240
Dustin Capron, A.A.S. Coordinator, Technology Services 940-626-3249
Geoff Sherman, B.S. Coordinator, Facilities Services 940-626-3257
Tiffany Thrasher-Siegfried, M.B.A. Coordinator, Workforce & Continuing Education 940-626-3263
Vern Higbee, A.A.S. Police Sergeant 940-626-3301
Stacy Wilkins, B.B.A. Secretary, Business Services 940-626-3234
Brenda Pacheco, A.A. Secretary, Student Services 940-626-3243
Katina Middleton, A.A.S. Secretary, Instructional Services 940-626-3296
Cafeteria   940-626-3255
Cosmetology Salon   940-626-3261
Bookstore   940-626-3259
Library   940-626-3252
Testing Center   940-626-3247
Tutoring, Reading & Writing   940-626-3310
Tutoring, Mathematics   940-626-3253

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Education Center at Mineral Wells
Name Position Phone Number
Mineral Wells Campus   817-599-6261
J.C. Colton, M.Ed. Associate Dean for Instruction 817-598-6242
Karen Wells Secretary 817-598-8850
Carol Hooper, B.S. Academic Skills Specialist 817-598-8857


Education Center at Granbury
Name Position Phone Number
David Russell, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Instruction  817-598-6392
Tambra Vaughn Secretary 817-598-6339
Neda Benitez Secretary 817-598-6339


Workforce and Continuing Education
Name Position Phone Number
Janetta Kruse, M.Ed. Director 817-598-6391
Tracy Butler, B.A. Coordinator 817-598-6409
Julie Lundy, B.B.A. Coordinator 817-598-6387
Terry Pilgrim, M.Ed. Coordinator 817-598-6302
Tiffany Thrasher-Siefried, B.B.A., MBA Coordinator. WCWC 940-626-3263
Mary Ziegler, M.A. Coordinator 817-598-8819
Diana Wheeler, A.A.S. Secretary 817-598-6305
Angie Ellis Secretary 817-598-6294

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Public Safety Professions
Name Position Phone Number
Stephen Malley, M.P.A. Department Chair 817-598-6429
Anita Garcia, A.A.S. Secretary 817-598-6347
David Anderson, M.S. Coordinator, FS Degree Program 817-598-6424
Kyle Chambers, A.A.S. Paramedic Instructor 817-598-6394
Greg Martin, A.A.S. Coordinator, EMSP 817-598-6234
Steve McCaslin, B.S. Clinical Coordinator, EMSP 817-598-8835
Jerrold Hoffee, B.S. Coordinator, Law Enforcement Academy 817-598-6313
Donald Feare Instructor / Program Coordinator, Law Enforcement Academy  
Tom Blair, A.A.S. Coordinator, Fire Academy 817-598-6253


Truck Driving
Name Position Phone Number
Bubba Swearingin Director 817-598-8858


Business Computer Information Systems/Cosmetology
Name Position Phone Number
Marilyn St. Clair, M.B.Ed. Department Chair  817-598-6344

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