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Office of Financial and Administrative Affairs

Name Position Phone Number  
Dr. Andra Cantrell, M.B.A. Executive Vice President 817-598-6260
Missy Oujesky, M.B.A. Budget Management Coordinator 817-598-8810
Lisa Simons, B.S. Budget Management Coordinator 817-598-6263

• Business Services • Technology Services
• Food Services • Purchasing

Business Services

Name Position Phone Number    
Rebecca DePuy, B.S. Controller 817-598-6388
Donna Cox Fiscal Specialist 817-598-6261
Starla Edwards Accounts Payable Specialist 817-598-6465
Stephenie Fields, M.Ed. Accounting Specialist 817-598-6335
Suzanne Hall Accounts Payable Specialist 817-598-6386
Maxine Hanks, B.B.A. Accountant, General Accounting 817-598-6264
Nikki Harless, M.B.A. Accountant, Federal Loans, Collections, A/R 817-598-6460
Aileen Hedgecoke Accounts Receivable Assistant 817-598-8842
Jessica McKee, B.B.A. Accountant, Payroll 817-598-6433
Beth Wetsel, A.A. Student Accounts Receivable Specialist 817-598-6262
Amy Whitfield, B.S. Accounts Receivable Assistant 817-598-8865

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Food Services

Name Position Phone Number
Erin Davidson, B.S. Director 817-598-6285
Kelly Rodriguez Head Cook 817-598-6226
X. Carolina Tejada Catering Coordinator 817-598-6226

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Technology Services

Name Position Phone Number  
Greg Shrader, B.S. Director 817-598-6471
Lacey Bonneau Computer/AV Technician 817-598-6364
Jim Carmichael, A.A.S. Windows System Administrator 817-598-6364
Gini Chesney, B.S. Service Desk Administrator 817-598-6364
Lisa Coody, A.S., A.A.S.  Telecommunication Administrator 817-598-6364
Sam Coody, B.S. Client Services Manager 817-598-6420
Larry Gillespie, A.A.S. Audio Visual Technician 817-598-6385
Misty Kiesendahl Application Administrator 817-598-8802
Julie Moeller, B.A. Technology Trainer 817-598-6364
Lydia Osborne, A.A.S. Service Desk Specialist 817-598-6362
Mason Owen, A.A. Computer / AV Technician 817-598-6364
Cheryl Rodriguez, MSIT LMS Administrator 817-598-6363
Kenny Smith, B.S.MIS, B.S.BA. Information Systems Manager 817-598-6364
Joshua Sterling Network Administrator 817-598-6364
Kendall Wessel, B.A, M.A. Network Operations Manager 817-598-6364
John Wyatt Computer / AV Technician 817-598-6364

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Name Position Phone Number      
Jeanie Hobbs, B.B.A. Director 817-598-6267
Cindy Clifton Purchasing Specialist 817-598-6268
Sandra Kurosky Purchasing Assistant 817-598-8848
Jolene Applegate, B.A.A.S. Buyer 817-598-6367
Toni Martin, A.A. Buyer 817-598-6469
Derek Peterson Shipping, Inventory Control & Mail Mgr. 817-598-6461
Johnny Saldivar Shipping, Receiving & Inventory Control Assistant 817-598-6401
Nisha Gilbert, A.A. Mail Clerk 817-598-6440

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