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COVID-19 Information

Covid-19 Resources, Information and FAQs

Weatherford College President Tod Allen Farmer has announced the closure of all WC campuses for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. Online instruction will begin for all courses on March 30th and will continue for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. 

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Information from Governmental Agencies

• Information from Department of State Health Services 

• Governor Waives Some Nursing Regulations

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General Weatherford College Covid-19 Information


Internet Access:

There is limited wireless capability outside the Doss Student Center & Wise Country Campus where students will be able to connect to WiFi using their college login information. Students need to park as close to the building as they can. Students can stay in their cars where they may also have power. This will allow students internet access at a safe distance during hours that work for them, rather than having to adjust your schedule in order to reserve lab time. 

For questions or concerns please contact Technology Services:

Assignment Deadlines

As Weatherford College goes fully online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, assignments and their deadlines will be altered by faculty teaching courses to accommodate necessary changes. These modifications will be communicated by faculty beginning March 23 and through the course of the remainder of the semester. Chairs and directors will coordinate with faculty and approve major course changes through the mitigation plans.

Final Exams

In most cases, proctored final exams will be completed online and students’ homes using Monitor in the Respondus lockdown browser system. The Monitor system requires that the student has a webcam and microphone trained on the student during the testing session. The college is working on solutions for students who do not have reliable internet or computer service away from the college. The Respondus and Monitor systems are new to many of our users. The college will provide information about Respondus and Monitor to help users move to online testing. We look to have everyone up to speed and all technical challenges addressed before we head into final exams. In addition, faculty members may choose to forego proctored finals in favor of other exercises such as essays or recorded presentations. These decisions will be made by faculty members in coordination with their supervisors. We will monitor all changes to ensure they are fair, reasonable, focused on essential learning outcomes, and communicated clearly in a reasonable timeframe.

Program Application Deadlines

We understand that some students were unable to meet program application deadlines due to the COVID-19 response. We will work with the institution to modify deadlines to the greatest extent possible so that everyone has a fair and equal chance to apply and receive consideration. While WC cannot alter state, federal, or private entity deadlines, we do expect to receive information about modifications from these entities as the situation unfolds.

Cafeteria Services

The Weatherford College Cafeteria will remain closed through the end of the term. Food services will be provided to students who reside in campus housing. Coyote Village residents will be provided prepared meals starting March 30th. Prepared meals will be brought to the community center and distributed on a staggered basis to residents. Those serving and delivering meals as well as all residents receiving the meals are requested to observe social distancing to protect themselves. Residents will be provided more information at a later date.


Spring 2020 commencement will be postponed until August, 2020. We will announce the new graduation date when it becomes clear we may again hold large gatherings and celebrate with our graduates and their loved ones.  

Summer Registration

Summer Registration opens March 30, 2020. Advisors will be available to work with students from a distance. Please check the Weatherford College webpage for additional information on how to arrange a phone conference with an advisor. Due to these extraordinary circumstances, we will extend summer registration.  

Fall Registration

Fall Registration dates will be adjusted. Please check the Weatherford College Website and student email for additional information in the near future. Due to these extraordinary circumstances, we will extend summer registration.

Dual Credit Student Registration

We will extend registration for Fall 2020 and will work with our partner high schools to create registration days during the summer. We will schedule opportunities for dual credit students to work with college advisors in the students’ home communities, whether those students are continuing in dual credit for another year or moving on to Weatherford college. We are also providing additional staff to assist our dual credit specialist with student advising and registration.  

Admissions Documents

Non sensitive admissions documents can be scanned to for processing. Please have transcripts mailed or sent electronically through secure means by contacting your previous institution. 

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions for students

(Updated 3/24/20)

Are there any changes to federal student loans?

The Department of Education has announced the pausing the interest on federal loans to support impacted student borrowers. The interest accrual pause will apply to all federal loans, including those in income-driven repayment plans, those in forbearance, federally-held Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) loans, and federally-held Perkins loans. The interest waiver will be automatic, retroactively dated, though Department of Education (ED) officials said it may take time to operationalize. For additional information please follow this link:

What about VA benefits for veteran students?

Student veterans will continue to receive their GI Bill benefits under S.3503, which President Trump signed into law March 21. The law enables the VA to continue providing the same level of education benefits to students having to take courses online due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The law gives VA temporary authority to continue GI Bill payments uninterrupted in the event of national emergencies. This allows for continued payment of benefits even if the program has changed from resident training to online training. For more information, please contact our Veterans Office at the following email address:

What if I am a work study student?

All students who participate in the Federal Work Study program are eligible to continue to receive payments during the campus closure.  Supervisors of federal work study students will have more information in the coming days. Please contact your designated supervisor for more information after March 23rd.

Will students have access to Weatherford College offices, classrooms, and labs while the college is closed?

To provide the highest level of safety to our staff and security for our resources, only senior administrators may authorize the WC Police Department to grant individuals entry during this closure (Exception: Coyote Village international student housing).

Will assignments that were due the week of March 23 be extended due to the change in Spring Break?

Yes. The Spring Break for students now ends on March 29. The earliest due date for an assignment will be March 30, 2020. Email your instructor for clarification.

What will happen with dual credit courses?

Dual credit students will be directed to interact with their faculty members and continue their coursework via their course websites in Canvas.

How do I work or complete my coursework if I don’t have Internet service at home? 

Weatherford College has configured campus Wi-Fi coverage to extend into some parking lots to allow access from vehicles. At the Weatherford campus, Wi-Fi is available in the parking lots adjacent to the Doss Student Center. At the Wise County campus, Wi-Fi is available in the main student parking lot. For more information, visit

Will college testing centers be available during the closure of college facilities?  

Testing centers will not be available during the closure. Testing center operations will be consistent with the campuses and education centers in which they are located. Testing schedules may be altered because of this issue.

Will online tutoring be available for students while the college is closed?

Yes, online tutoring is cloud-based and will remain available during a closure so long as the individuals working for the service provider are permitted to attend at their work locations. Also, we are working with our local tutoring center managers to have our tutors available online to assist students. We will post specifics for local tutor access as they are developed. 

How will internships and service-learning be affected?

We expect students to continue with clinical and internship assignments where the learning sites remain open. If internship/service-learning sites close, we will work to find alternate placements for the students or develop alternate plans to meet completion requirements.  

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