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2019-20 Academic Awards

Weatherford College is proud to continue in the tradition of honoring students with an annual convocation. The academic successes of students are a testament to their dedication, and it is with sincere appreciation for their efforts that we recognize them. In addition to the traditional, annual awards for academic achievements, select students from the class of 2020 are being noted for their character. These students were chosen due to their ability to support their peers and adapt to unexpected challenges. Please join us in honoring members of the class of 2020.

Behavioral Science
Business, Comptuer & Information Systems
Fine Arts & Communications
Health & Human Sciences
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences
Student Ambassadors

Behavioral Science

Cultural Anthropology - Fall 2019 Atlas Kriner
Cultural Anthropology - Fall 2019 Brett Stagner
Physical Anthropology - Spring 2020 Morgan Molder
Physical Anthropology - Spring 2020 Tamara Gramm
Psychology Academic Excellence - Fall 2019 Carly Arwood
Psychology Academic Excellence - Spring 2020 Brendi Harless
Psychology Academic Excellence - Spring 2020 Emma Watson
Psychology Academic Excellence - Spring 2020 Raegan Lanciano
Sociology - Fall 2019 Belia Camacho
Sociology - Fall 2019 Elizabeth Tanner
Sociology Spring - 2020 Emily Jones
Sociology Spring - 2020 Jenny Beckwith
Most Creative - Abnormal Psychology Kimberly Costantino
Most Engaged - Cultural Anthropology - Fall 2019 Asucena Garcia

Business, Computer & Information Systems

Accounting Foundations Megan Brannan
Business Communications Cherlon Childress
Business Management Cherlon Childress

Fine Arts & Communications

Art Appreciation Amanda Hoglan
Design 1 Allie Thurman
Design 2 Tamaia Conradfuller
Design 2 Brenda Thompson
Drawing 1 - Fall 2019 Alyssa Martinez
Drawing 1 - Spring 2020 Debra Waight
Drawing 2 - Fall 2019 Brittany Whitehead
Drawing 2 - Spring 2020 Margaret Hubbard
Painting 1 Hannah Flaherty
Painting 2 Amanda Creech
Jazz Band Ethan Lacey
Outstanding Opera Student Alex Cook
Piano Michael Aboukhair
Speech - Joe Tison Veronica Levrie
Devonna Peacock Award Tara Fitzpatrick

Health & Human Sciences

Human Service Provider & Substance Abuse Counseling

Human Service Provider Kaci Wampler
Human Service Provider - Academic Elizabeth Mederos
Social Work Angela Tubbleville
Substance Abuse Counseling Practicum Tracy Derr
Substance Abuse Counseling - Academic Cassandra Nance

Associate Degree Nursing

May 2020 Graduating Class WC - Academic Excellence Jarotte Morgan McNeal
May 2020  LVN to RN Transition Track - Academic Excellence Mary Bentley
December 2020 Graduating Class - Academic Excellence Skylar Castro

Vocational Nursing

Academic Excellence Callie Johnson
Clinical Excellence Stormy Caldwell
Overall Excellence Angela Lane

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Arikka Utz
Tristan Hinton
Trissa Berend


Outstanding Student Summer 2019 Tabitha Santibanez
Outstanding Student Summer 2019 Deshane Martinez
Outstanding Student Summer 2019 Cassandra Valenzuela
Outstanding Student Summer 2019 Danielle Yeary
Outstanding Student Fall 2019 Kala Bouyer
Outstanding Student Fall 2019 Chandler Lambert
Outstanding Student Fall 2019 Deysy Lira
Outstanding Student Fall 2019 Amy Polley
Outstanding Student Fall 2019 Shakirat Quadree
Outstanding Student Fall 2019 Abbey Moore
Outstanding Student Spring 2020 Zachary Baldwin
Outstanding Student Spring 2020 Stephanie Boutain
Outstanding Student Spring 2020 Bridgette Hearn
Outstanding Student Spring 2020 Rhett Parsons

Physical Therapist Assistant

Academic Excellence  Breanna Rogers
Academic Excellence Marie Curtis


Respiratory Care

Academic Excellence Lacy Pippin
Clinical Excellence Alexandria Dexter


Academic Excellence Sarina Cornelli
Clinical Excellence Jordan Martinez Harvey


Composition Allison Baker
English - ECG Lydia Long
English - ECG Mattie Ibarra
English - WCWC Brenden Prentice
Literature - WC Weatherford Kelsey Jordan
Philosophy  Edgardo Mireles
Spanish Allison Danz
Creative Writing Contest - 1st Short Fiction Kateylynn Mudd
Creative Writing Contest - 2nd Short Fiction Alexandra Pitman
Creative Writing Contest - 3rd Short Fiction Finn MacCool
Creative Writing Contest - 1st Poetry Robert Heater
Creative Writing Contest - 2nd Poetry Robert Heater
Creative Writing Contest - 3rd Poetry Milly Rowden
Creative Writing Contest - 1st Creative Non-fiction Bracy Hill
Creative Writing Contest - 2nd Creative Non-fiction Robert Heater
Most Supportive Student Maydenis (Maya) Craigen
Most Supportive Student Morgan Ashmore
Most Engaged Student Tony Lambert
Most Engaged Student Abrial Henderson
Most Engaged Student Lydia Thomas
Most Engaged Student Horacio Berrones
Most Engaged Student Adrianna Jefferson - Polk
Most Engaged Student William Teague
Most Creative Student Parker Stephens
Most Creative Student Jacob Gustafson
Most Adaptable Student Lauren Cameron
Most Adaptable Student Jody Smith
Most Adaptable Student Abigail Morales
Most Helpful Student Toni Segars
Most Helpful Student Allison Baker
Research Honors Kelseigh Hardin

Life Sciences

Agricultural Services & Development Garrett Dobbs
Agriculture - Business Daeleigh Patridge
Agriculture - Science Nathan Frankiewicz
Most Supportive Student - Ag sciences Lauren Richards
Most Engaged Student - Ag sciences Shelby Milner
Most Helpful Student - Agriculture Services Garrett Dobbs
Biology 1 - Major Amanda Kresta
Biology 2 - Major Atlas Kriner
Biology 2 - Non-Majors  Clayton Groves
Most Engaged Student - Non-Majors Biology II Joshua Lamb
Biology Research- Co-op Yvonne Byrd
Equine Production & Managaement Brendan Bennett
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Joshua Kerfoot
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Taylor Shupick
Most Supportive Student - Human Anatomy & Physiology I Joshua Kerfoot
Human Anatomy & Physiology II Allison Isom
Most Supportive Student - Human Anatomy & Physiology II Brittany Roper
Most Engaged Student - Human Anatomy & Physiology II Angela Watts
Most Engaged Student - Human Anatomy & Physiology II Kaitlyn Kuhn
Most Adaptable Student  - Human Anatomy & Physiology II Colby Dekoker
Most Adaptable Student  - Human Anatomy & Physiology II Annie Maxwell
Most Adaptable Student - Human Anatomy & Physiology II Tanya Patton
Microbiology Maria Delgado
Microbiology Chandler Fowler
Most Engaged Student - Microbiology Tania Vazquez
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Maria Delgado
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Mackenzie Daniels
Most Engaged Student - Nutrition & Diet Therapy Sarah Steel
Most Engaged Student - Nutrition & Diet Therapy Angela Watts
Most Adaptable Student - Nutrition & Diet Therapy Paula Bell
Most Adaptable Student - Nutrition & Diet Therapy Stephanie Morales
Veterinary Assistant Abby Calder


Business Algebra Taylor Antonakes
Business Calculus Spring 2020 Hope Gorena
Calculus I - Fall 2019 Courtney Thom
Calculus I Spring 2020 Ashton Hay
Calculus II Spring 2020 Daniel Medcalf
Precalculus Spring 2020 Alexis Barbee
Tutor of the year Courtney Thom
Math 1342 Rocio Perez Plascencia

Physical Sciences

Geology Jack Kentner
University Physics Michael Aboukhair

Social Sciences

Federal Government  Jzavion Evans
Geography Academic Hilary Bodiford
Intro to Economics Garrett Harrison Jones
Macro-Economics William Logan Armstrong
Micro-Economics Madison Leah Ringo
Texas Government Katherine Spencer
Texas History Jeenie Reedy
US History John Sistrunk
Western Civilization Maria Maldonado
Speaker Jim Wright Scholarship John Sistrunk

Student Ambassadors

Ambassadors for 19-20
Victor Banuelos
Billie Bateman
Mattye Beckworth
Garrett Dobbs
Braelynn Hanes
Sydney Heard
Mollie Kelly
Veronica Levrie
Ashley Madden
Alexa Palacios
Lane Selph
Jesse Smith
Landry Smith