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2020-21 Academic Awards

Weatherford College is proud to continue in the tradition of honoring students with an annual convocation. The academic successes of students are a testament to their dedication, and it is with sincere appreciation for their efforts that we recognize them. Please join us in honoring members of the class of 2021.

Agriculture, Business and Communication
Behavioral Science
Fine Arts
Health & Human Sciences
Information Technologies
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences
Student Ambassadors

Agriculture, Business and Communication

Agricultural Services & Development Garrett Dobbs
Agriculture - Business Daeleigh Patridge
Agriculture - Science Brendan Bennett
Equine Production & Managaement Joao Muzetti-Butolo
Veterinary Technician Martyna Koba-Harris
Veterinary Technician Genevieve Nied
Accounting Foundations Jennifer Luckett
Business Management Rosmeri Archer
Speech Jade Hebbert

Behavioral Science

Cultural Anthropology - Fall 2020 Jillian Garner
Physical Anthropology - Spring 2021 Guirnalda Lopez
Introduction to Psychology - Fall 2020 Amber Yanez
Introduction to Psychology- Spring 2021 Chad Pinson
Human Growth & Development- Fall 2020 Hailey Martinez
Human Growth & Development - Spring 2021 Zoe Angeles
Social Psychology - Fall 2020 Tabitha Danylchukmantia
Sociology - Fall 2020 Catherine Kocsis
Sociology - Spring 2021 Mykah Gallaher


Child Development Rebecca Lanier
Education Jasmine Ibarra
Education Crisian McFarlin

Fine Arts 

Choir Mimi Farr
Design - Fall 2020 Josh Adcock
Design - Spring 2021 Ryan Oxner
Drama Meaghan Crocker
Drawing 1 - Spring 2021 Meredith Skeels
Drawing 2 - Fall 2020 Tyler Allen
Painting 1 - Fall 2020 Ryan Oxner
Painting 1 - Spring 2021 Caroline Ramsey
Painting 2 - Fall 2020 Genevieve Nied
Painting 2 - Spring 2021 Tayler Duryea
Jazz Orchestra Johnnathan Melendez
Jazz Studies Elijah Thomas
Opera Workshop Tyler West-Sumrall
Piano Chaeeun (Cherry) Lee
Devonna Peacock Award Ryan Oxner

Health & Human Sciences

Human Service Provider & Substance Abuse Counseling

Human Service Provider Lisa Cunniff
Human Service Provider - Academic Carey Price
Social Work Monica Hartman
Substance Abuse Counseling Practicum Amber Brooks
Substance Abuse Counseling - Academic Ronda Hardin

Associate Degree Nursing

May 2021 Graduating Class WC - Academic Excellence Kelley Elliott
December 2021 Graduating Class - Academic Excellence Kendra Smith

Vocational Nursing

Academic Excellence Candice Evartt
Clinical Excellence Shae Harris-Kirchem
Overall Excellence Lucille Wilbanks

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Academic Excellence Sarah Mahan
Clinical Excellence Jay Love


Outstanding Student Academic Britney Crye

Physical Therapist Assistant

Academic Excellence  Amber "Nicole" Butler
Clinical Excellence Amber "Nicole" Butler


Freshman Academic Carley Belew
Freshman Clinical Kayla Eichler
Sophomore Academic Mohamad Skaf
Sophomore Clinical Kaelee Brown

Respiratory Care

Academic Excellence Kaitlynn Blue
Clinical Excellence Kaitlynn Blue


Overall Excellence Elisha Shoonover


Academic Excellence Macey Heald
Clinical Excellence Kadee Bell Hall

Honors Program

Honors Chemistry Cassandra Dale
Honors Elementary Statistics Jayln Weldon
Honors English Mya McKinney
Honors Federal Government Stephen Beare
Honors History Camille Lapp
Honors Learning Frameworks Regan Johnson


Composition Marissa Perry
English - ECG Madison Sprayberry
English - WCWC Brianna McKeever
Literature - WC Weatherford Jeennie Reedy
Philosophy Sydney Ellebracht
Spanish Kimberly Ramirez

Information Technologies

AAS in Information Technology Seth Mary
Database Programming Robert Martinez
Web Development Karri Roberts

Life Sciences

Biology 1 - Major Miranda Longbrake
Biology 2 - Major Trenton Heise
Biology 2 - Non-Majors  Luke Dillingham
Biology 2 - Non-Majors  Levi Jenkins
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Tracy Suedmeyer
Human Anatomy & Physiology II Ashley Watson
Microbiology Kadyn Delaune
Nutrition & Diet Therapy Christy Shipman-Davenport


Business Calculus - Fall 2020 Erica Clark
Business Calculus - Spring 2021 Faith Blair
Calculus I - Fall 2020 Jaelle Carlson
Calculus I - Spring 2021 Zachary Evans
Calculus II  Jaelle Carlson
Precalculus Spring 2021 Lennon Crow
Trigonometry Robert Robbins

Physical Sciences

Geology Ashley Sigman
University Physics Michael Espinosa

Social Sciences

Federal Government  Stephen Beare
Geography Maggie Nichols
Intro to Economics John David Aboukhair
Macro-Economics Juan Daniel Feregrino
Micro-Economics Jordan Nichols
Texas Government Aidan Andrews
Texas History Jana Balch
US History Heidi Agras
Western Civilization Joseph Mylek
Speaker Jim Wright Scholarship Heidi Agras

Student Ambassadors

Ambassadors for 20-21
Billie Bateman
Chyna Smith
Claire Duvall
Garrett Dobbs
Gracie Henderson
McCain Smith
Levi Jenkins
Mattye Beckworth
Mollie Kelly
Olivia Morehouse
Tyler Duggin
Josana Olivera
Veronical Levrie